Course curriculum

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    • The Importance of Autonomy

    • What Can You Control?

    • Be Careful of the "We Aren't Allowed to..." Narrative

    • Be Quietly Rebellious

    • Share Autonomy with Students: Co-Creation of Learning

    • Teachers: Share Autonomy with Support Staff

    • Reflections on Autonomy

  • 3


    • Creativity

    • Getting Started with Creativity

    • Creative Projects that Boost Student Engagement and Reduce Teacher Workload

    • Two Sources of Creativity: Your (and Your Students'!) Interests

    • An Example of Teacher Creativity

    • Why Autonomy and Creativity Sometimes Freak Us Out

    • Reflections on Creativity

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    A Few More Important Ideas

    • Online Teachers: Offer Students Choice

    • School Leaders: Share Power and Control with Faculty

    • Time Management Tip: How Not to Get Overwhelmed When Trying Something New

    • Creativity is a Skill Set, Not a Gift

    • Before You Go, Help Me Improve this Course

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Mike Anderson had been teaching for several years when he and his wife started their family. Suddenly, things got overwhelming--fast. Determined to maintain his passion for teaching while also being a good parent, Mike embarked on a quest to find better work-life balance. This self-designed research project resulted in the book, The Well-Balanced Teacher: How to Work Smarter and Stay Sane Inside the Classroom and Out. Now, as an education consultant, Mike supports teachers on topics such as differentiated learning, social-emotional learning, and, of course, teacher health and balance. Mike received a National Milken Educator Award as a classroom teacher, and in 2020, he received the Outstanding Educational Leader Award from NHASCD for his work as a consultant. When not consulting, Mike can be found hanging with his family, tending his perennial gardens, and searching for new running routes around his home in Durham, NH.

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