Course curriculum

  • 2

    Digging into Social and Emotional Learning

    • What is Social and Emotional Learning?

    • SEL Skills are the Keys to the Kingdom in the World of Work

    • SEL Frameworks: Introduction

    • Option 1: CASEL

    • Option 2: Habits of Mind

    • Option 3: Your State/District Framework

    • Choose One to Use

    • Deepen Your Understanding: Choice Activity

  • 3

    The Social and Emotional Skills of Academics

    • Teaching SEL: A Safe Environment is Key

    • SEL Through (not instead of) Academics: How Do You Know What to Teach?

    • Examine a Lesson

    • Examine a Unit

    • Observe a Colleague

    • Reflect: What Have You Learned?

  • 4

    Practical Strategies for Teaching SEL Skills

    • What Do Teaching in School and Coaching in the NFL Have in Common? (The Case for Common Sense Teaching)

    • Strategy #1: Share Your Own Strategies

    • Strategy #2: Elicit Ideas from Students

    • Strategy #3: The 4 Key Elements of Effective Modeling

    • Strategy #4: The Power and Potential of Choice

    • A Few Other Strategies to Consider

    • A Word of Caution: Don't Over-Teach

    • Reflect: What Seems Important?

  • 5

    A Few Final Important Ideas

    • A Few Final Thoughts...

    • Some More Resources

    • Before You Go, Help Me Improve this Course

Included in This Course

Through this course you will gain information and skills to help you better teach your students the social and emotional skills they need to be successful students. You will...

  • Better understand what social and emotional learning is and why it is so important for students--both now and later

  • Explore several SEL frameworks and understand how to apply them to academic work

  • Engage in practical planning to support your academic teaching in grades 3-5

  • Learn several strategies you can use to teach SEL as a part of your everyday academic teaching

  • Be able to print a certificate showing 6 hours of professional learning

Meet Your Instructor

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson has been an educator for more than 25 years. A public school teacher for 15 years, he has also taught preschool, coached swim teams, and taught university graduate level classes. He now works as a consultant providing professional learning for teachers throughout the US and beyond. In 2004, Mike was awarded a national Milken Educator Award, and in 2005 he was a finalist for NH Teacher of the Year. In 2020, he was awarded the Outstanding Educational Leader Award by NHASCD for his work as a consultant. A best-selling author, Mike has written eight books about great teaching and learning. When not working, Mike can be found hanging with his family, tending his perennial gardens, and searching for new running routes around his home in Durham, NH.


  • This opened my eyes to the need for explicit SEL teaching within our curricula discipline as a must for student success in any subject. To my surprise, I realized through this course that SEL skill building lends itself directly to student motivation!

    Lorainne Mascioli, Timberlane, NH

  • Mike's courses are always interesting, to the point, and give us takeaways that I can use the very next time that I see my students.

    Kathleen Blood, Timberlane, NH

  • From educators new to SEL to teachers who could use a refreshing take on SEL, this course will have you looking at your academic content through the lens of SEL skills. By the end your head will be full of ways to integrate SEL into what you already do with your students.

    Monica Rogers, Timberlane, NH